International Power

At Coach Pro, we are ready to handle the most common challenges, as well as more unique ones. We had an overseas client who needed to make changes because the power was different off the grid versus North America.


We integrated a transformer and some other specialized wiring so the coach was able to plug into local utilities and be used as it was designed. We have done work in Europe and Asia and all over the globe.

The Man Cave

When a client requested that we turn his trailer into the perfect Man Cave, we excitedly took on the challenge.

Our starting point was a "shipping container on wheels."

Construction can get messy during the process. We put in new floors and installed a shower mock up as the Man Cave came together. All this was worth it for the eventual payoff.

New floors, new cooktops went in, and the Man Cave came together.

A camoflauge wrap is perfect for the Man Cave, yeah? Take a closer look.

When our clients really want to make their vehicle theirs, we look forward to seeing what we can do! So... what would a coach or trailer made just for you look like?